Henry Hill grew up in Brooklyn, New York and at an early age ran errands for the local Lucchese crime family. Being of Italian and Irish decent, Hill was never "made" into the crime family, but was a soldier of capo, Paul Vario, and participated in hijacking trucks, loan sharking, bookmaking and took part in the infamous 1967 Air France heist among others.

In 1967 mobster Henry Hill, aged 23, took part in the $420,000 burglary at the Air France air-cargo terminal in New York City's JFK International Airport.

The heist is memorable for its sheer audacity, and the oddness of the target, particularly in that an airline should keep such sums in storage at an airport: Air France was the carrier for American currency that had been exchanged in France by tourists and military personnel.

After Hill's close friend Tommy DeSimone vanished and he ignored warnings from his associates to stop dealing drugs, Hill became paranoid that he would soon be killed and became an F.B.I. informant. His testimony aided in the conviction of 50 criminals

Tommy DeSimone May 24, 1950 – January 14, 1979


Me-Me King said...

This is one of my all time favorite movies.

mackyplanet said...

I have read all the books related to Henry Hill and then the last one by his kids really drove home what a horrible man he really is.

Beth said...

I share your fascination with mobsters. While the entire culture intrigues me, I'm especially interested in their involvement in Vegas.

Retro Kimmer said...

Thanks Beth I am a mobster phile f or sure. My next piece is going to be about Sam Giancana and Phyllis McGuire

Go read my other post from yesterday on Henry Hill here http://thesnarkyview.com/

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