Phil Spector was finally sentenced Friday to 19 years to life in prison for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was shot through the mouth in the music producer's home six years ago. Spector, 69, looked straight forward and showed no emotion as Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler ordered a term of 15 years to life for second-degree murder plus four years for personal use of a gun. He'll probably be out in 5 years. If he gets a break he may be able to obtain a mentally illness release to a mental illness facility.

Not saying that Spector is not guilty, but he is obviously mentally ill. LOOK at the FACE! OMG what a mess. OJ they let roam free to torture more people and destroy his children's lives too. Hollywood finally convicts a celebrity, frail, tiny, and insane Phil. Well the world is finally safe from Phil.... we can all now finally sleep at night...

Here is a good bye to poor old Phil:

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