As RK was digging for cool retro stuff we found this really fabulous slide show on the history of Las Vegas and the Mobsters that built the city and casinos there. We really wish that Hollywood would make a blockbuster film about the whole story. We have had of course Casino with Robert Deniro, Bugsy with Warren Beatty, and Sugartime with John Turturro. A bit of fictional depictions in the Godfather were good too. But... A TOTALLY true film featuring the real characters of Las Vegas. Maybe I'll launch a film production company myself... hmmm

Rosentahl, Giancana, Siegal, Virgina Hill Rosselli and the Spilotro Brothers all in one film?

RK would be there!

These characters make an interesting slide show from the Las Vegas Sun.

See the full Slide show HERE

RK loved it!

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Beth said...

You know I share your fascination with retro Vegas! Fascinating stuff!

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