While RK was hanging with the DoGs last week, awesome Mary Kay DoG told me about her friend Heather Harris who shot all of the really good publicity stills for the DoGs. MK mentioned that she would talk to Heather about sending me some images for their new blog TheDoGs1970.

Heather with Ron Asheton, Scott Richardson and Ray Manzarek (The Doors)

The DoGS by Heather Harris

The Who in 1970

Heather kindly emailed me and is sending a disc of images for The DoGs. HH sent me her website too and I got lost in there looking at all the famous rock stars she has framed. She had an access backstage pass to Rock N Roll History. Heather has all her fabulous images for sale on her
site: HeatherHarris.Net

Johnny Rivers

Some of my personal favorites are The Who in 1970, Buffalo Springfield (love the Nehru jacket) Johnny Rivers, taken last year, and Jeff Beck taken back in the retro days...

Jeff Beck

Sigh... Jeff Beck was so awesome to see live. Luckily I did seem him in the very early 70's. The tickets were a birthday present from my friends.

Buffalo Springfield

RK asked Ms. Harris who her favorite artist was to shoot and she replied:

The only time I've been interviewed in the last two decades someone also asked me who my favorite artist to shoot was. My answer then and now:

Iggy. He is as comfortable and planned in making shapes for the camera as a high fashion model, live or studio.

From Heather's Website:

Heather Harris' photographs of musicians have been published in Rolling Stone, MOJO, Billboard, the Los Angeles Times, Hits, Creem, Music Connection and countless others. Spanning the Buffalo Springfield to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, her work includes many of the most important figures in rock that came through her native Los Angeles throughout the past four decades.

Author of the books "Punk Rock 'n' Roll," and "Bob Marley - Rastaman Vibration," (both of Almo Publications), she is readying a photojournalistic collection of her music photography and overview of Los Angeles' unique local music scene, "Fast Film." You can view samples of more than 4 decades of rock & roll photography here, along with a complete chapter excerpt.

Heather Harris is available for studio portraiture 24/7, and for live concert, location or event photography. Original signed and framed museum-quality photographic prints of these historical images, plus thousands more, are available for purchase.

Heather also sent me a link to Child of the Moon

This blog has a great post on the magical psychedelic art of muralist Marijke. We plan to do a really detailed post on her work soon.

Thank you very much Ms Harris for sharing your history and fabulous images today.



jim s said...

Wow Ms Harris has some great shots!

RobNY said...

Great stuff what an interesting career!

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