Had some big fun last night I met with our favorite video producer Dan Boyd the Wizard O Livonia and Brother Crimewave at his studio Rockdigi. DETROIT'S MOST UNDERGROUND RECORDING STUDIO. Essentially RK went there to meet the band Circus Boy. Three techno geeks hanging around a computerized recording studio for 3 hours is a no brainer eh? Lots of toys to play with...

Mr.Crimewave has a very storied rock n roll past, present, and future within the Motor City Music Scene. Hollywood loves him as well and have featured BC in several films see his clips HERE. BC has worked with damn near everyone you can think of.

From BC's My Space Page

Brother Crimewave is a Detroit-based multimedia personality. He plays guitars and basses and is a singer-songwriter.

He began playing guitar, receiving his first 1/2 hour lesson from John Goff who owed him $3.50.

His first stage appearance was with The English Ryders whose rhythm guitar player quit. The club owner hired a 5 piece band and would settle for nothing less. Brother Crimewave's amp was on but the volume turned all the way down. The club owner was none the wiser. BC did however get to sing backup vocals. And he got paid full band member share!

Shortly thereafater, he began actually playing and being heard in a few other bands. In 1967, while in Mexico City, he played one night at the Hullabaloo Club with Los Profetas, whose rhythm guitar player was too hungover to perform. BC was paid 100 pesos ($8.00).

Back home when one of the bands he was in needed a bass player he switched to bass. In 1968 his playing was suspended while attending Wayne State University in Detroit. That didn't last long. BC was radicalized and joined the White Panther Party.

In 1970, while living at the White Panther pad in Detroit, one of his fellow Panthers, David Gaines let him use his acoustic guitar and suddenly Brother Crimewave could play lead guitar.

In early 1972, BC had bought a Gibson SG Deluxe and a couple of 15watt Univox amps. Ahead of each amp was an ElectroHarmonix LPB1. A Y-chord was attached leading to an LPB2 which was plugged into the SG. Feedback and sustain for days!

Brother Crimewave started a power trio, Synthetique 999, playing all original material. The drinking age was lowered to 18 and the bars hired no bands playing original music. So instead, BC and other bands playing their own tunes resorted to playing "keggers" (hall parties).

In 1975, Brother Crimewave formed yet another power trio, Kenny Mirage and the Hallucinations. Then BC continued playing Keggers. BC did play at two different bars during that time. One, the 5 Dueces at 22222 Fenkell (5 Mile Road), was eventful for the fact that the bar owner pulled a gun on Brother Crimewave because his feedback and tape echo effect woke him from his nap at the bar!


Me-Me King said...

Sounds as if you may be having too much fun! Atta girl!!!

Retro Kimmer said...

thanks mmmmemeeeeeeeeeeee

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