MURDER, INC. Peter Falk's fabulous film debut. As Abe Reles a vicious thug who led the Murder Inc and a cold blooded ice pick killer. Falk is the picture of menace—it’s hard to believe that Peter went on to be the beloved Lt. Columbo.

He is a fascinating study in gangster portrayals. This film was his first major feature role and Peter was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Murder, Inc. In his 2006 autobiography, Just One More Thing, Falk said that the film Murder Inc. launched his career.

This film is a gripping account of the birth of organized crime that began when mobsters began to “organize” and run their operations like a business. Filmed in black-and-white Murder, Inc. displays the brutal tatics of the “corporation” that began to spread fear and change the face of crime in the US forever. Not to mention give the film industry a new genre.

We love Murder, Inc the film and particularly Peter Falk’s performance which gave the term menace a whole new meaning… We have wondered if Joe Pesci studied Peter Falk’s performance before filming Goodfellas and Casino.

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