Isn't he the hottest guy from like 1976? The belt, the scoop neck poor boy shirt, and those fantastic silver platform boots. sigh....

Thanks so much to Heather and Mr. T for the marvelous gift. Wht an awesome photograph and I absolutely love it!

About Mr. Twister's photo:

Photographed by Heather Harris
photo (C) 1976 Heather Harris.

This is a still from the film production "Garage Sale," which starred Goldie Glitters from The Cockettes. The director couldn't figure out how to end the film, so one its crew, FB's own Gordon Skene, suggested his friends play as a band, the cast and crew dance, then Godzilla comes to destroy everything and the building falls down The End.

So they wrote two songs overnight ("Hey Blacksmith Shake Your Money Maker" and "Big Blue Pimpmobile") and played live sans rehearsals for the film. More info in the Christopher Milk Fan Club on Facebook. The above shot is from a break (as they were quite active when performing) but Mr. Twister still has those same silver platform boots in the Twister Museum.

Retro:Kimmer received a special metallic print of this treasure.

Some bio on Mr. Twister:

Here's a rare photo of Christopher Milk performing at UCLA! photo copyright (C) Fastfilm (HEATHER HARRIS.) It's in the Pleistocene, 1969. HH took pix from the balcony since crowds around this locally popular band prevented close access. Heather Harris is married to the best looking one Mr Twister!

Mr friend Heather is married to the infamous rocker Mr. Twister of Christopher Milk and Chainsaw. S I was building a blog for Ms HH I saw these images and loved Mr. T! She kindly had one autographed for my ever growing collection of rock icon memorabilia!

Thanks so much Heather and Mr. T..

If you'd like to purchase your own copy of Mr. Twister email Ms Harris from her website

Visit her blog HERE


Anonymous said...

Whether they are married is open to murky debate. They did meet in 1969, and have been allied since 1976, shortly after this photo was taken.

Retro Kimmer said...

LOL Well I heard the Rev Iggy performed the ceremony so it must be true no?

Anonymous said...

The Reverand Doctor the Dreaded Mister Twister is also ordained by the Universal Life Church. Or so they say.

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