What a blast RK had last night at the Motor City Music Factory Birthday bash for Tom Lubinski, Richard Peardon, Gary Adams, and more. Tom has so many friends and I knew almost all of them and met some new friends as well.

Rob King my new friend and famed drummer from Ann Arbor's wild band Destroy All Monsters came out to the Factory with Kimmer to play drums. Ron Cooke fantastic bass man of Dead City Prophets, Detroit, Cactus, Gang War and more... was there to jam for Tom's Party.

Rob has played drums for a very long time and was really having a great ime jamming with his friends. It was just terrific to see. Here is a little video I shot with my Handycam. Please forgive my lack of training as I am learning how to shoot video and my tripod hasn't arrived from Hong Kong yet....

See Dan on Flicker HERE

Photos: Dan Sultana

Got to meet one of my facebook pals Len Beste. Len is a fabulous photographer and shot that cool picture of RK filming at the People's Art Fest two weeks ago.

Richard Peardon did a nice job on the grill cooking burgers and hotdogs for everyone. Ton's charming wife Diana saved me from being lost in Detroit forever.... thanks Diana!

Ron's lovely wife Pam and I met back in the 70's at the awesome Gallup Park free concerts in Ann Arbor. Ms Pamela has many stories from the history of rock n roll and knows absolutely everyone from Metro Detroit Rock. Sitting with Pam was a joy for me as I loved hearing the stories of her life in rock n roll.

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Dan Boyd said...

What a great party. It wasn't only Tom's birthday but Richard, Gary and a few others as well. Was a blast for sure, good seeing you. Dan

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