Last week I ran into the most awesome multi media entertainment website called Stay Thirsty. I noticed that they had this fantastic 3 part interview with Danny Fields the former manager of the Doors, Cream and a zillion other connections to the 1960's retro decade of rock n roll. Danny lived with Edie Sedgewick and knew everyone at the Factory. He was even a BFF with Linda Eastman McCartney.

Jarrod did this spectacular interview and I loved it so much I want to share it with my readers as well. The three links below take you to the entire interview.

Danny Fields Stay Thirsty Part 1

Danny Fields Stay Thirsty Part 2
Danny Fields Stay Thirsty Part 3

Just this past weekend Jarrod interviewed my dear friend Dennis Machinegun Thompson famed drummer of the MC5, the New Order, the New Race and many more. Dennis spent over 90 minutes with Jarrod and they both were in for quite a ride! I heard both sides of their story and I can't wait to read the final result of their meeting.

Dennis was excited (MGT loves to spar with the youngsters...) and so was Jarrod so this will be a terrific interview. Stay tuned to Machinegunthompson.Com for the full story beginning November 2009

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