I first heard about Mr. Robin Sommers from my rock poster artist friend Big Rich Dorris. Rich told me how Robin had painted the American flag on Wayne Kramer's signature Fender Stratocaster.

Not long after hearing Rich's story, I got a call from Margaret Saadi Kramer asking me to locate Robin in Detroit as they planned to gift Robin with one of the first Wayne Kramer signature guitars that Fender had just announced in 2011.&nbsp; I found him and was invited to the event<br />
<br />

One of the most fantastic stories from back in the MC5 days was that Artist Robin Sommers and Wayne together got the idea of painting the American Flag on Wayne's guitar after seeing Pete Townshend's Union Jack guitar. So together they painted this custom American Flag Fender Stratocaster.

I didn't get to chat with Robin for very long but I was totally charmed to meet him.  Sadly, I just learned that he passed away from cancer..Robin Sommers' Memorial will be held at Cass Cafe on Sun Jan 13, 2013 at 1pm...Detail pending....RIP Robin...


Anonymous said...

....very nice page and tribute. Was glad I met Robin, and able to spend a few moments of conversation with him, during the shows he had at Alley Culture Gallery, Detroit. Sherry was a good friend to Robin. I would very much like to attend his memorial on the 13th. Tim Kethman (Detroit)

Anonymous said...

Was looking for a picture of the guitar to show a co-worker. Robin was my uncle and I missed dearly by our family. Im glad I found this page as his family will love these pictures.

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