This week, The Wall Street Journal premiered Ben Fields' debut single "Extraordinary Light" from his eponymous debut album due out June 17 via Sire Records. CLICK HERE to hear the track The Wall Street Journal describes as "a graceful vintage-style pop song that pairs Fields' sleepy voice with gentle, rolling piano, a subtly powerful rhythm section and the swell of strings." LISTEN TO MORE OF BEN FIELDS

After a chance meeting with Sire Records' legendary Seymour Stein (Madonna, The Ramones, The Pretenders, Depeche Mode) at a music conference in Australia - where American born Ben Fields had been living and working in a café - the aspiring singer/songwriter took a leap of faith.

Stein had offered Fields his business card and told him to look him up if he was ever in New York City. Well, that was enough for Fields. He packed up his girlfriend, their dog, and furniture, and moved to Brooklyn, where he now lives. Fields showed up at Stein's office with music and the rest is history - he was signed to Sire in November 2012.

Extraordinary Light TRACK LISTING:

1. Extraordinary Light
2. Matilda
3. Swede
4. Fragile Little Heart
5. Worry
6. Mostly, He Says
7. Everything
8. See You In The Morning Caroline
9. Sleep Through December
10. So Stolen By Your Ghost


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