Because keeping the media's version of Amy Winehouse as your own would be tragic….
Amy (2015) Director: Asif Kapadia

A burnout. A drug addict who wasted her talent. A freakishly great singer who sported a beehive hairdo and gave awkward, often uncomfortable interviews in which she was clearly high and/or drunk.

Those are the ways in which most people saw, and still see, Amy Winehouse, the critically beloved jazz/soul singer who died from alcohol intoxication in 2011, at the age of 27.
Those perceptions are all wrong.

In his heartbreaking and exceptional documentary Amy, filmmaker Asif Kapadia (Senna) does right by Winehouse, dispelling the English crooner's posthumous reputation by capturing the real woman behind the media’s skewed perspectives.

With the help of Winehouse’s family members and closest friends, Kapadia wrangled together a surplus of never-before-seen footage, mostly shot on phones and camcorders, of the singer's life starting when she was 18 and following her all the way through her tumultuous career, including the recording sessions behind her U.K. breakthrough album Frank (2003) and the star-making worldwide chart-topper Back To Black (2006).

Winehouse’s parents, best friends, former managers and bodyguards, not to mention collaborator/admirer Tony Bennett, recount their experiences with her through voiceover, but they’re never seen outside of the home video footage and personal photographs. Amy steadfastly remains all about Winehouse.

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~~ I am definitely gonna see this on the 4th of July @ the Mall - Air-conditioned Theater -- While every body be goin nuts w/ Fire Crackers - Bar B Q in and gettin Out of Control ~~ and the Po Po - be cashing on the DUI Inspections - Irish Mikey be Playin' Safe ~~

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