Donnie DeAngelo was a force to be reckoned with in the jungles of Vietnam. Faced with explosions that came close to taking his life, he was a young Marine filled with passion and purpose, willing to do whatever was necessary to eliminate the enemy. Now, years later, he is faced with a darker enemy at home—the wolves of Wall Street.

In Gold in the Coffins, bestselling author Dominic Certo reveals the story of a tight-knit band of retired Marines who bonded during a bloody tour of duty. After returning from decorated combat service in Vietnam, Donnie became the CEO and founder of a successful upscale restaurant chain that he builds into a major corporation.

When he and his combat-weary comrades are persuaded to take their company public, they enter a treacherous journey through the battlefields of American business. Faced with bankruptcy, jail, and an even darker demise, the three friends are forced to take on the system they once fought to defend.

In this taut tale of greed, murder, and revenge, readers discover:

The struggles of survival and readjustment as veterans strive to attain the American Dream and transition to civilian life.

How experiencing extreme tragedies can make you stronger, more committed to succeed, and establish unbreakable bonds.
How the American system is broken, often exploiting the people who believe in it and defend it.

How the integrity of loyalty and courage is earned, developed, and strengthened over time

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