Rock Legends “The R​AZ​ Band​” Releases New Album Featuring Badfinger's Joey Molland and Drum Legend Joe Vitale!

Los Angeles - The R​AZ Band have been toiling in the rock and roll vineyard for longer than you might think. ​Dedicated to the coolest place to ever grow up, ​t​he release of Madison Park introduces ​T​he RAZ Band to ​a wider ​mainstream audience ​a​nd ​is their breakout album. Band leader Michael ​Raz Rescigno says: “​I'm excited to get our newest album​,​​ ​'Madison Park' out. ​

It's a​​ diverse​ collection of music from the last ​few years of our lives. With the tremendous production of​ ​band​ members Joey Molland and Joe Vitale, ​we ​​are looking forward to​​ ​sharing ​our mus​ic with the world.”

The album ​is ​dedicated to the ​New Jersey ​town where ​Raz and his musical partner Hutch grew up. Raz recalls, “Madison Park was a great place to grow up and we have many happy memories from that time of our lives​.​ With that in mind we​ ​created an album that when someone hears it for the first time, the music already feels familiar. Songs that make you smile. ​Music​ that you'll want to listen to over and over.”​

​This is ​the first Raz ​album created with music legends Joey Molland (Badfinger) & Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh/Crosby, Stills & Nash/The Eagles) as ​full ​band members. While​ they've been recording​ together​ for years, this is the first album that was planned to be a​ RAZ​ ​Band album and not a RAZ album, hence, “The RAZ Band”.

$1.50 For Your Love 4:44
What Love Can Do 3:10
The Road of Love 3:43
Say Ya Love Me 3:01
Time Marches On 2:58
You're My Love 3:15
Searching Forever 3:41
You're The Magic 3:38
The Paths That We Take 5:19
Start Your Engines 3:27
You Don't Know A Thing 2:32
Barbara Operator 4:50
High School Reunion 2:40
Love Me Do 3:00
Shoot Em Up 3:25
When Dogs Fly South 5:13

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