Why Narcissists Disappear (It’s not just the Silent Treatment!)

The early days with a Narcissist can seem like the most exhilarating time of one’s life. These individuals can be very charming, flattering, and come across as soul-mate material. Love letters, poems, candle-lit dinners, dreamy getaways, and insane chemistry can leave even the most composed person weak in the knees and dreaming of a fantastical future.

How to Get the Narcissist's Worms Out of Your Head
This is one of the very best articles I have read on how to get free from the grip of a malignant narcissist....


Parasitic worms are a nasty image; they aptly describe what a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) does to their victims. Like any parasite, they do not want to totally destroy their host (you), because without you (and people like you), the NPD would totally fall apart. Like most parasites, NPD’s have inborn abilities to find and attach to a host without the host realizing that they have been infested. By the time the host recognizes that there is something terribly wrong, the parasite has firmly hooked in to the victim, making escape very difficult at least.

And like all parasites, the NPD lies in wait patiently, until a suitable host comes by (usually stumbling by, actually). Like getting a tick in your groin while answering nature’s call in the deep woods, the NPD is always on the lookout for a vulnerable host/victim.

Many victims of NPD’s, if they are honest and examine themselves forensically closely in clinical counseling, will be able to recognize just how vulnerable they were at the time the NPD entered their lives. The NPD immediately began to administer the anesthesia best suited for the victim: compliments, charm, sympathy, economic support, or emotional security (or a combination of these).

Once the host/victim is numbed, a slow, subtle process begins of draining the victim of their life. Tiny digs begin about the victim’s imperfections and character flaws, and the use of repetition, proofing (citing endless fabricated ‘proofs’ for your stupidity), gas-lighting, and other brainwashing techniques escalate towards total possession.

 Each of these techniques are like parasitic worms that the NPD places in the host/victim’s head for further development and use. Some are left dormant for a time, but are planted at a vulnerable moment for later use. And the effort is relentless, it never stops, and is a constant process of parasitic infection.

Read how to get these worms out of your head HERE

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