My VERY favorite show of this year is FARGO Season 2. Perhaps the most compelling tv series I have ever seen! The acting is fabulous, the writing is so great and the camera work is mind blowing... Watch the Trailer HERE

I had never seen Game of Thrones and my daughter suggested I try that series. I watched one episode and then totally addicted, spent the entire week glued to 5 years of GOT. There just aren't enough adjectives to describe this epic tv series. Watch the Trailer HERE 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

Being a giant Breaking Bad fan made this an easy transition. Ethically challenged attorney, Saul Goodman is a great character and this first season was very good......took me a bit to get into it but it finished very well. Looking forward to Feb. 2016 for season 2. Watch the Trailer HERE

House of Cards Season 3 watch good, not as good as the first 2 but any show with Kevin Spacey is gift.....Watch the Trailer HERE

What a surprise! This show was fantastically poignant and hysterically funny as well. The entire cast should get Emmys.... Netflix signed them for 2 more seasons...Watch the Trailer HERE

Mad Men and Jon Hamm...all good things must end I suppose...This retro advertising show was magnificent in every way...Jon Hamm finally won and Emmy and the show is over....Watch the Trailer HERE

Another series my daughter recommended..Women in prison dramedy..can be scary,can be funny, can make you cry...perfect entertainment!  Watch the Trailer HERE

Humans is a British series about normal families owning Androids. Basically this is a drama about a family who own a renegade "synth", the doctor who helped create synths, and the police tracking them all... compelling and smart show...Watch the Trailer HERE

Rectify is another excellent ensemble cast..The story is about a man sent to death row by mistake is finally released.  How the towns folk and his family deal with his presumed guilt is the premise...excellent show. Watch the Trailer HERE

The first season was fantastic, the second one is not as good but still the cast is good. I love the young people and the music.....Watch the Trailer HERE

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