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Detroit Kids of the 1950's watched and were entertained by "Milky" in front of those large b/w TV sets. Kids loved Milky's cartoons, games, and the Twin Pines Milk and Dairy products.

Clarence R. Cummings Jr. portrayed Milky the Clown for Twin Pines Dairy. Cummings started learning magic when he was twelve and received a magic set for Christmas. He read library books on magic, mastered dozens of tricks, and performed for his family and friends. He made his professional debut as a magician in 1929 at the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham when he was 17 years old.

On the TV float. Top row: Larry Sands, Jerry Booth, (Jingles in Boofland, The Larry and Jerry Show), Milky the Clown (Milky’s Party Time), Sagebrush Shorty(Sagebrush Shorty’s Fun Ranch). Bottom row: Ricky the Clown (Action Theatre), Poopdeck Paul and Captain Jolly (Popeye and Pals), the boy is Michael Zadoorian. Photo taken by his dad Norman Zadoorian. Read More

Poop Deck Paul, Milky, Capt Jolly, Jingles, Johnny Ginger, Bozo

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DR BAGZ said...

I watched Johnny Ginger,Milky,Bozo and the whole gang growing up in Dearborn Michigan,,,Brings back some fond
memories..Thanks Dr BAGZ

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