This is very interesting to me....Native American Astrology Animal Totem...I am the Otter!

The otter is an unconventional creature which behaves differently than its closest kin, the weasel. The traits of those born under this symbol are quite similar to this totem. They are highly creative, friendly, independent, and tend to view life in a way that is seldom understood by others.

They are intuitive beings and tend to look beyond what may meet the eye. They are not afraid to experiment and are highly witty by nature. Because of this, many people may take them to be stupid or foolish, only to realize that their eccentricity got them to the right path.

Otters can be great friends and companions, and they will always pay heed to their friends' needs with sensitivity and undivided attention. However, on the flip side, they can become somewhat rebellious, unscrupulous, and detached from society, especially if their out-of-the box perception fails to be compatible with others.

The detachment gives them a sort of freedom that they crave for when it comes to living life on their own terms.

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