7 Tips On How to Start Your Novel

I want to write a novel, where do I start? This big question that many writers ask themselves. Beginners especially often worry when they set their eyes on those blank pages waiting to be enriched with words, phrases, and sentences to make up a story.

Some will see a blank page and see a great opportunity and possibility while others get intimidated to the point of losing hope, which should be the last option for a focused mind. Here are seven essential tips for any writer that will teach you how to start writing a novel and even how to write a book about your life.

1. Writing content

When you start writing a story, it's good to have some knowledge basis to build on. It should be something you know or have an interest in so that you are be able to develop your ideas, imaginations that will make your story interesting, and the flow of your plot understandable. Consider yourself in the position of your readers and examine whether you could be interested in reading the content you have written yourself.

At the same time, you can read other novels when you are writing to keep in touch with your inner reader. However, you will need to be extra careful in order not to mix your ideas with someone else's.

2. Start writing

The first and the most important step towards writing a novel is to identify the type of the novel you want to write. Be it a romance, drama or a thriller, you will have to make up your mind on the negativities to avoid and the positive aspects to include.

It's advisable to have an outline of your plot which should be flexible and able to connect with various sub-plots. This will give an apparent continuity of your novel and will provide a clear description of your characters in the best way possible, as these are the key ingredients of your novel. Besides, you can always can ask for the professional writers help.

3. Writing techniques 

Many potential writers fear getting stuck in the midst of writing and give in before they even start. The major reason to this is that they don't have specific techniques to use when writing. I have found these techniques crucial for those stuck and wonder how to start writing a novel.Creating a connection between you and the reader.

Communicate your ideas as you could communicate with them face to face using a straightforward and understandable language.  Avoid giving away too many details of your description, as this will make your novel verbose with no fluidity. Involve your readers in your writing by enticing them to form their personal opinions on every issue.

This will build their interest and make them continue reading. Create a suitable for you only writing routine. This will help you to polish your writing skills and finish your work smoothly and without exhausting your ideas.

4. Write the novel your way

As a new writer, you should understand that the novel you are writing is your work. You should put all your efforts in writing it in the most comfortable for you way. Avoid being contradicted or tied up by other opinions restricting you to do it in a particular way. Distractions from various styles of writing should be prevented at all cost.

You should develop confidence in yourself in order to flourishing of your own natural style. Once you get started, trust in your work to avoid diverting from your main content. How you feel towards something should be the driving force to enable you create new ideas from within and create a continuity of your story. The bottom line is you started writing to send some particular message. Don't let your anxieties keep you away from your goal.

5. Conduct a deep web research 

Tips on writing a novel can be largely supplemented from the internet. Online research will help and guide in writing the best content in your book or novel. After identifying the topic of your writing browse the web around the main subject before starting the write up of the story.

The web will enrich you with more opinions and ideas that can be critical in your interest issue. It is on the web that you will get an opportunity to interact with other prolific writers worldwide who have more experience in writing are eager to guide the new writers. Checking out different websites will fully equip you with great ideas to help you build your marvelous story.

6. Relieve yourself from fears of failure or success

Once you start writing your novel, failure should not click in your mind as this will hinder you from writing. What should run in your mind is the plot and content of your novel until you are finished. Eliminate your natural curiosity of whether you will become the best or the worst writer and it will be easier for you to write.

Avoid being overwhelmed in the new venture as this might bring unexpected disappointment and discourage you from writing. Things might not always turn as expected as many works by talented writers go unnoticed. This, however, should not in any way make you fear to put your best effort into your work. Fate is a mystery to every human being, but fear might make you bury your dreams.

7. Getting your work published

Publishing your novel is the final but the most challenging part in the completion of your writing. There are steps to be followed to ensure safe publishing of your book that can be obtained from the web. It is worth noting that your work can be stolen and published under the name of a different author. Hence, you should be utmost careful and take your work to trusted publishers to proofread and publish your work. It is wise to get another person to read your work and give you their opinions before publishing and rectify on the parts you feel it's worth amending.

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