Nothing keeps an event on track like employing a professional compere from a talent agency - whether it’s an annual awards evening, a charity auction or a personal development seminar. By taking on the presenting role, a compere will not only ensure that the job is done well, but they’ll also take a job off the plate of someone else.

If your CEO or head of HR usually acts as compere for your organisation’s awards evening, they will be freed up to mingle, potentially allowing them to make important connections and schmooze with all the right people.

Equally, if you’re running a seminar with talks by a variety of people, employing someone to fill the time between speakers will help to break up the day for your audience. It’s been proven that a change is as good as a rest when it comes to keeping concentration levels high, and some light-hearted entertainment will help keep your colleagues or employees engaged.

A talent agency will often recommend that you book someone with presenting experience on TV or radio to act as host for an event. As well as being comfortable in front of an audience, someone with broadcast experience will often have the kind of gift of the gab that means they’re good at improvising and filling time when they need to.

The Blofelds

Any celebrity with a background in broadcasting, from a sporting commentator like Henry Blofeld or Sir Trevor Brooking to a star of the airwaves such as Clara Amfo or Noreen Khan, will bring a bit of star quality to your event as well as their professional presenting skills.

Of course, there are some downsides to booking an outsider; you’ll need to give them a script and fill them in on the ins and outs of the event in a way that you wouldn’t need to familiarise someone chosen from inside your business. This small downside pales into insignificance, however, next to the benefits of booking a celebrity compere.

Not only will you have a professional on the job, but the celebrity appeal of your compere is sure to prove a draw for attendees and ensure your event is a hot topic long after it’s over.

If you’re interested in booking a celebrity to compere the next event that you are hosting, get in touch with MN2S talent agents to find out more.

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