April 15

Enter the dangerous and Machiavellian world of La Cosa Nostra in G.A. Lindbloom's new Mafia novel about a Detroit crime family.

The highly anticipated new novel TO BE A KING by author Gunner Alan Lindbloom will publish to ebook, Kindle and print on April 15, 2017.

Omnio "King" Falcone is the grandson of Don "The Butcher" Falcone, the feared and powerful boss of Detroit’s reclusive Mafia faction, known simply as the “Syndicate.” As the last Falcone, King is the heir-apparent to his grandfather's throne.

Except there is one problem. A big one. He is a “difetto,” not of pure Sicilian blood. As a result, he has been ostracized by much of the Syndicate. Even worse, the Commission, a secret pantheon of Mafia bosses from all over the country, has named his Machiavellian uncle the new Boss.

But King is a brilliant tactician. Even with the odds stacked against him, he rises through the Syndicate ranks. Many of the Family capos have grown to respect and fear him, for he commands a faithful crew of ambitious young wiseguys who have sworn their lives to him.


After years of methodical planning and forming strategic alliances, King is on the brink of finally being accepted by the Commission when a beautiful young Mafia princess arrives into town from Sicily. Smitten, he decides he must have her as his own.

Unfortunately, his arch nemesis— his nefarious cousin Anthony—has already laid claim to her. A war for her affection ensues. When the smoke clears, King is left serving a life sentence in federal prison, while Anthony is elevated to Syndicate underboss, ranked second only to his father, the Syndicate's new "Capo di tutti Cappi," Boss of all Bosses.

Don Falcone, however, does not intend to dishonor his ancestors by allowing the last Falcone to die in prison. He has kept a favor on the books for over fifty years, and when he finally calls it in, King emerges from prison a free man.

And not only does King intend to take his rightful place at the head of his grandfather's crime family, he also intends to seat himself at the head of the entire Syndicate. But first he must dethrone his uncle and usurp his treacherous cousin.

Can King Falcone execute a coup d'etat and seize control of the Syndicate? Or will he incite an all-out Motor City mob war? Can he overcome his own mixed blood and earn the right to his grandfather's throne, or will he be banished from the Family? To find out, read on and learn what it takes… To Be A King

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