Recently, in a very exciting game, the Denver Nuggets went against the Milwaukee Bucks, with the Nuggets’ Center, Nikola Jovic making a record triple-double in the first half to inspire a Nuggets win. Looking back at the game, and the team’s celebration afterwards, I think it would be nice to identify the benefits of team sports to people who engage in them.

In a research conducted by the London School of Economics, it was discovered that individuals who partake in sports activities requiring more than one participant, gained more benefits, more than just the physical. Some of these benefits include exhibiting comfort in social situations, camaraderie among teammates, ease in understanding individual roles in team work, and support through challenging times.

To encourage more participation in team sports, listed below are some benefits of engaging in team sports.

1. Gain comfort in social events

Individuals who take part in sports requiring teammates do show the ease to feel comfortable in social situations. Naturally, when thrust into unfamiliar surroundings, among strangers, most people tend to withdraw, looking for means to get back to familiar surroundings.

Partaking in group games helps gradually ease new entrants into new socially uncomfortable situations. Being involved in the game, new entrants do not have time to think or analyze the social situation – their minds are completely focused on excelling in the game.

2. Nurture team spirit

People all over the world tend to respond, in the same way, to winning. All the more, when there are people with similar interests to celebrate it with. Scoring a point, a goal, making a home run, or winning the game are events that team players are going to celebrate together. These celebrations also tend foster team spirit.

3. Develop teamwork

Team sports involve identifying different roles and positioning for participants, all working toward a common objective. For example, to play baseball team members are placed in roles of the pitcher, catcher, left field, right fielder etc. Identifying the different roles, getting players to understand their roles, and overall influence of these roles in the game develops teamwork. This quality should also reflect in business and other aspects of life.

4. Exulting in being part of a group

In team sports, players on the same team are expect to put on the same clothes or jerseys, to easily identify each other. For most, these behavior tends to extend to after-game events. It is not unusual to see team members, who take part in basketball games, don the sportswear of their favorite teams i.e. the Los Angeles Lakers cuffed knit beanies, Denver Nuggets Hat or New York Knicks bracelets to signify their membership in the group.

5. Moral Boost from contribution to team accomplishment

Every team game involves members of the team acting out their role successfully, to the overall success of the team. As the individual observes the effect of his contribution to the team success, there is the boost in esteem from witnessing the addition of value, and contribution to team wins.

6. Delegating for team success

To accomplish team goals which involve different roles and skill set, each member of the team receives a duty or set of tasks that helps in the completion of the team goal.

This trait is also reenacted in team sports, as team players learn to identify their roles in each particularly game, and try dutifully to play this role. In the NFL, for example, players are delegated to mark certain team members of the opposing team. Sometimes, cash rewards are earned for a successful performance.

7. Developing friendships after the game

Team sports involve players having to work with each other to the success of the game. Player signal to each other, attempt to understand each other’s movements, positioning, and when runs are being made by teammates, to the culmination of the game.

After the games, these understanding also reflects, as teammates do tend to hang out, take part in social events together, visit each other, and do other things together.

8. Resource to better handle challenges and adversity

Like every other person, members taking part in a team sport do face challenges and difficulties at different periods. However, benefits to being part of a team include team members’ support to help the affected team member get over the challenges. Team members sometimes do provide moral support, finance, time, and contacts, to help the suffering team member.

The above benefits of team sports are by no means exhaustive. It just goes to show how much team sports can benefit the individual. The London School of Economics assert that participation in team sport activities lead to overall satisfaction with life. So, if you are planning to stay at home and run on the treadmill, you could do better by engaging in a team sport.

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