The Knight of Pentacles represents hard work, diligence, stick-to-it-ness. Apply yourself wholeheartedly to the project in front of you and you will reap the rewards when the time is right.

He is practical, steadfast and focused, and denotes responsibilities to yourself and to your commitments. This card represents the action taken to manifest your dreams. Your desired outcome is assured when the Knight of Pentacles rides in!

The Pentacle suit represents the earth. It is concerned with the material world. This suit deals with sensuality as well. The pentacle is the symbol of Humanity and the cosmos. It relates to strength, work, creating, and manifesting thoughts into reality.

Pentacles speak of function, persistence, durability, and practical solutions. They remind you to be at ease within yourself, to get grounded, connected to the earth, to this world. They deal with situations involving material things, money, food. They remind you to take care of all your needs, including your sensual ones.

The Knight is a court card. The court cards represent an aspect of yourself, someone in your life, or a situation/event. Knights are seen as the more mature parts of ourselves, another person, or the middle stages of a situation. Knights offer you courage, loyalty, bravery, and protection. They are driven to succeed, and finish what they start.

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