5 Drumming Tricks You'll Learn From The Legends

The best way to learn anything is to learn from others who’ve been successful at it. Well, while you can also learn a thing or two from the failures of others and those of your own, that’s not the main point here.

When it comes to drumming, there is more to it than just hitting the bass pedal and striking the snare drums, hi-hats, and cymbals. Whether you’re taking drumming as a hobby or a profession; technique is the most important thing you need to focus on as a beginner in drumming.

But as far as technique is concerned, most of the biggest legends in the world of drumming will almost always emphasize the same things.

While each and every professional drummer may have their own favorite types of music, sounds, and playing techniques, here are some 5 drumming tricks that you’ll learn from the legends.

1. Hold the sticks right

The first and most important hack in drumming is to know how to hold the sticks right. For starters, your grip should be solid yet comfortable at the same time. It should be such that you’re not straining too much, neither is it too feeble that the stick could fly out of your hand any minute during play.

To hold the stick right, make the shape of a gun with your hand and balance your drumstick on your index fingers’ second crease.

Now, place your thumb on top of your drumming stick and wrap the other 3 fingers around it. Start playing with the palm facing down. Repeat the procedure with your other hand and try to perfect this everytime you play the drums.

2. The wrist trick

Most of your drumming will be driven and controlled by your wrist. Playing from the wrists allows you to stay relaxed, conserve energy, and make the best use of rebound.

While you can play from your shoulders or even your fingers, more often than not, this will only get you to tire faster and make it difficult for you to take charge of volume control. It also becomes easier to improve your speed when playing from the wrist.

3. Always pay attention to your stick height

One of the most popular drumming techniques is the half stroke or the medium-full stroke roll, which is played by hitting your drumhead with the sticks at a 45-degree angle. To ace it when playing the (R L R L) medium-volume single stroke roll, you have to maintain an even stick height to keep your drumming volume consistent.

4. Utilize rebound for speed

This trick mostly applies when playing double strokes (R, R, L, L). to make the best use of this trick, always play the first stroke with your wrists and the second from the fingers. Again, it will only come out perfect when you’re relaxed as much as possible to keep your strokes even.

5. Invest in a good drum set

To become a good drummer, you obviously need lots and lots of practice. The best trick you’ll ever learn from the legends is to always use a great drum set not only during your practice; but obviously also during live performances and studio recording sessions. This way, both you and your audience stand a better chance of enjoying your drumming.

Including some that you can view here, there’s a wide range of drum sets on the market ranging from cheap to somewhat costly. You can always start with an affordable kit then work your way up or invest in a quality kit once and for all.

Nonetheless, the above are some of the best legend-inspired drumming tricks that both fresh beginners and practicing learners in drumming should keep in mind.

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