Just finished reading this book and I loved it!..I have had a bit of experience (trying) to shoot rock bands and it can be a pain!  Bouncers threaten you and while you most likely have a great camera... they allow all the annoying cell phone photographers free access! 

Only the very determined  photographers can hang with that job! Julian David Stone is one of those...He takes his readers along on his crazy rock n roll shoots...Exciting and his photography is excellent! You'll enjoy hanging with Julian while he jockeys for the perfect shot! You'll have the best seat in the house. xK

“No cameras allowed.” Imagine my surprise when a large security guard, after searching my bag, blocked me from entering the club where the Ramones were about to take stage. With a deep scowl, he flatly intoned those three heart-breaking words.

Minutes later, back at my car, as I was about to toss my 35mm equipment on to the back seat, I froze. Was it the Ramones? Was it being eighteen? Was it that streak of rebellion that we all want to believe we have? Perhaps it was all three — because I decided I was going to photograph the concert anyway.

I strolled back to the security guard, who remembered me and looked me over from side to side. Seeing no camera bag, he gave me a quick pat down, found nothing, and let me in. I hurried to the bathroom, where I quickly pulled a lens from one sock and the camera body from the other. I retrieved some rolls of film hidden in my crotch and quickly put everything together. Then, just as the Ramones hit the stage, I slipped out of the bathroom and began to shoot. And shoot I did.

From that moment on, I was hooked.

No Cameras Allowed: My Career as an Outlaw Rock and Roll Photographer (releasing nationwide October 16, 2018) tells the story, in words and photos, of how Julian David Stone, entirely by sneaking his equipment into concerts, amassed an incredible archive of over ten thousand rock and roll photos.

Starting by simply stashing a camera in his socks, then taping equipment all over his body, to finally customizing a jacket to hide equipment from security guards, he shot dozens of the greatest acts: Prince, U2, the Police, David Bowie, R.E.M., the Ramones, Elvis Costello, the Talking Heads, the Grateful Dead, Joan Jett, and many, many more – all from the unique vantage point of the audience, capturing exactly what the fans were seeing and the way the band meant the show to be seen.

Culled from this incredible, never–before–seen archive, No Cameras Allowed contains over 250 of his best photos, along with some of the craziest adventures he had as he evaded oversized roadies, aggressive security, and more than a few drunken fans.


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