Most companies now ask for mandatory drug tests for their employees. There are a few ways on how to pass a drug test and get around the cumbersome process.

These methods ensure that the level of toxins in your blood and urine samples is low and untraceable. You don't have to panic each time you think of a drug test because you can always get around the process and be undetected.

1. Use of detox drinks

If you have a drug test coming up very soon in like the next few days and you want to ace the test. The simple way for you to do this is to detox your body and get rid of the protein in your urine samples. Drugs like cocaine and heroin can be easily eliminated from your body after a few days since they are water soluble.

However, marijuana is the hardest drug to get rid of from your body since it is oil soluble and gets attached to your body fat. The use of detox drinks helps breakdown this fat and increase your metabolic rate. The detoxification products work by flushing and removing the THC out of your system and permanently cleanse your blood and urine and remove any trace of the toxins.

2. Keep your body hydrated

Drinking much water is one of the easiest ways to detox and get rid of all the toxins from your blood or urine. Drinking enough water will make your urine diluted and have less of the THC. If you have a drug test that was just imposed on you, drink a lot of one hour before the drug test. This will ensure that you have a higher chance of passing the drug test.

3. Drink lemon juice

Lemons have a high amount of vitamin C and is known to be a great detox product. Experts have not been able to determine why lemons are great in detoxification yet. However, it all comes around to the fact that vitamin C is great electrolyte and also a great way to remover the THC naturally.

Especially the fresh pressed lemons have a higher amount of vitamin C as compared to lemon juice from the supermarket. Always mix one teaspoon of the lemon juice with around 500 ml of water and ensure that you sip frequently.

4. Exercise more frequently

Drug THC is deposited in your body fat no matter your body type and weight. To get rid of these toxins you need to exercise and burn off the fat. Exercises help in increasing your body metabolic rate and allow you to flush out all the toxins in the body. Other websites that teach about passing a drug test talk about exercise here. The best exercises to carry out should involve cardio, weight lifting, running, and swimming this will ensure that you burn all the fats in your body and help in speeding up the metabolites.

5. Eat many vegetables and cut out on junk food and red meat

The thought of eating a lot of vegetables scares many people. People always seem to have a rebellious side when it comes to vegetables. However, cutting down on the junk food and the red meat is not only healthy, but it will help you detox. Most of this type of food has a lot of sodium which can cause water retention, are rich in sugars and fat. This causes the THC to remain in the body as they slow down metabolic rate. However, if you try eating a lot of vegetables and fruits especially those rich in iron, they help in detoxification. This makes your body's metabolic rate to increase. Hence a lot of the toxins are eliminated.

6. Drink tea and coffee

Tea is known to be a great detoxifier and helps increase your metabolic rate. For example, the dandelion tea helps the lover to eliminate toxins from your body. Additionally, green tea is known to be a great boost to the levels of antioxidants in your body. Also, green tea leads to an increase in electrolytes, and it contains vitamin C which boosts metabolism and helps burn excess fat. Coffee is known to be a natural diuretic meaning it helps remove excess water from the body. This will help in removing the toxins from your body.


There are a few ways on how to pass a drug test in any company or when applying for a visa. These ways help clean up your body and leave you with fewer toxins in your blood and urine samples.

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