Prom Dresses Vs Your Body Structure
Without knowing the shape of your body, you cannot choose the right dress for your prom night. This will also help you save time when doing your online research for you will narrow down to the body type that corresponds to yours.

There are thousands of dresses out there that you can be in during your special day but your body shape, type, and structure will determine the one you end up with. You need a prom dress that will enhance your entire look without distorting any part of your body. So which is your body type?
Body Types and the Suitable Prom Dress

This body type is commonly referred to as pear. Most ladies are going for a workout to achieve this body type where your hips are wider than the bust line. Nevertheless, you don’t have to gym to get the shape before the prom night.

There are cheap prom dresses that can fit you perfectly and enable you to get the look you want your body to take.
The best prom dress that can be fit your triangle body is either a long or a short A-line dress. You can choose various designs on the top like noodle strap, strapless or halter neck to match it perfectly. Any fabric from sheer, tulle to the net can give you the shape you need.

Inverted Triangle
This is somehow the opposite of triangle bodice where your body is broader on the upper but has narrow hips. With this body type, you can use your prom dress to create your own illusionary waist and just forget about your broad shoulders.

Some cheap prom dresses designed like A-line, ball gowns or princess dress can match this body perfectly. You can consider dressing in short with slits dresses to overlook your narrow lowers. Ruffled skirts are great too.

This is perhaps the body structure that every lady dreams to have. In this body type, you have a proportionate body both on the top and bottom. You should come up with a prom dress that will ensure your figure is maintained.

Mermaid dresses are your choice if you got this body structure. Ensure it is sleeveless and has a great sweetheart or V-neckline to spice it up. You can determine whether it will be flowing on the floor or just long.

If your body is not having many curves and it is just proportionate from top to bottom, then you cannot lack a variety of cheap prom dresses all over. The beauty of this body is that you can go with almost every type of dress.

Ball gowns and princess dress can perfectly work for you especially if they have asymmetrical or Deep V necklines. An A-line skirt with some ruffles can also work greatly.

There are also prom goodies for you if your body is apple-shaped. In this body type, either the upper area or your bust is the main area of focus. When choosing your dress to ensure you take attention away from your waist because it is not perfectly defined.

In this case, avoid short prom dresses and embrace long ones like A-line and ball gown can do you a great favor. Go for necklines like deep V, strapless, halters or illusion sleeves. Now you can add other embellishments and ornaments to look perfect.

No matter the type of your body, you can always have a prom dress to fit you!

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