6 Life Lessons You Learn in College

If you’ve just crossed the college threshold, or you’re about to graduate, there is so much academic years teach you about yourself, the others, and the world you live in. Let’s check some of the marvelous things that university or college has taught you and shaped your personality.

Grown-ups Don’t Know What They’re Doing Either

That’s what you’ve hoped for, right? You know you’re just wandering around in life hoping for the moment when you’re an adult finally and can easily figure things out. When a teenager, you feel jealous of those grown-ups who seem to understand the meaning of life. Well, the sad reality is that they have not the slightest idea of what you are doing in life either! Even those people who look like they’re cool with life and stuff really don’t. They just pretend, no more and no less.

Mental Health Is Just Above Everything!

We cannot stress this part enough! If you do not live in harmony with yourself, you’re not going to be happy with what surrounds you. Students try to cover up any uncertainty and unhappiness with partying hard, drinking, oversleeping, or just trying to lose themselves in something, but that is not all right.

As you’re getting through your own struggle with depression during your first college year, make sure to force yourself to start focusing on yourself, doing things for yourself, and realizing that you can’t live a happy life by limiting what you do based on what others have to say.

If you’re feeling confused or lost with your current freshman stage, ensure to have the so-called self-care day. Just set aside a Saturday night, put on that ridiculously overpriced facemask, enjoy your favorite film, and sip juice or wine if you’re not underage in your cute pajamas. This special ritual will help you to dream away from reality and feel content.

Everybody Needs Somebody…Sometime

Difficult situations suck. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be equally good at Math, Arts, Literature and Sociology class! That’s life, and you’re just a busy human. Don’t try to be a hero since sooner or later you’re going to fail trying to do it all at once. Admit that you need help and do not be shy or selfish to approach someone for it.

The best thing is that nowadays the internet provides a lot of options for any sort of academic assignment from a quick essay on ‘Hamlet’ to a detailed lab report on Chemistry.

Just text ‘Please, write my essay for me’ or ‘Help me finish my lab report till Monday’ and have someone by your side ready to assist 24/7.

Friends Come and Go

Chances are you believe that everyone you meet during college years is going to be your best friends till the end of your days. From your suitemates to your roommates. WRONG. Without a doubt, the first several weeks of college, every person you encounter is so friendly with you because you’re in the same boat now – homesick, challenged, confused and lonely. As the days are passing by, students’ true nature will start being visible, and you’ll begin to realize that.

You may believe you’re BFF because you talk every day, you have the same classes, share your meals, and get along really great. But then comes the summer break and you return to college complete strangers. Some friends just aren’t forever. That’s life.

A+ Isn’t the Dream

This is something the vast majority of students tend to struggle with when they start adjusting to the part-time jobs, to living a social life, and the desire to work out regularly. Over time, you’ll learn that being happy, satisfied with life is more important than getting an A+ for homework.

Try Everything

These two words carefully sum up everything mentioned above. Being a student means exploring life and trying new things. It’s about figuring out who you are and making mistakes on the way. Go to that pantomime class. Get the role in that play. Explore the city with a new friend even though she seems to be a weirdo. Meet new people. Make your college years the ones that you’ll always remember like ‘Wow, that time rocked my life!’

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