You work hard on your music. You spend hours in the studio crafting each song and write lyrics that speak to your heart. It's only fair that all this effort goes somewhere. As one of the largest music streaming services in the world, Spotify is an excellent way to get recognized!

Spotify releases curated playlists that they then promote to its users. These cover every genre you can think of - and even more, you haven't! Learn how to beat the algorithms and get Spotify playlisting. It will give you leverage in the music industry whether you're a seasoned indie veteran or just starting out.

1. Sign Up for a "Spotify For Artists" Account

Make sure you already have some music on Spotify. With a "Spotify for Artists" account, you can claim those releases and then send them to Spotify for consideration. This type of account also gives you access to a lot of useful data. You can learn what songs are getting buzz, and which just get skipped over completely. Remember that Spotify uses that data, too. It helps them decide what songs are worthy of a feature.

2. Don't Get Overeager

Now that you have an account, it's time to get releasing, right? Not so fast! Spotify only allows you to send its editors one unreleased song at a time. That's why it's really important to decide what song you want to showcase.

3. Plan Carefully

You need to send Spotify your song at least a week in advance of its release. Start the promo now. If you have a social media presence (and by now you should), time posts daily to engage with your followers. This can include snippets of the song or other teasers. Followers often equal streams, which proves to Spotify that you have a big enough fanbase to land a spot on one of their playlists.

4. Make Playlists of Your Own

Don't wait for Spotify to take the bait. Build a playlist around your songs and promote those, too. Your listeners will get a feel for your sound and how it fits in with existing artists. This could lead to amazing collaboration opportunities as well! Don't be afraid to reach out if you like someone else's sound.

5. Network, Network, Network

Understand where the other big playlists are. A lot of music blogs run playlists of their own. What music sites do you like and read regularly? Chances are they've got a top-ten list or two just waiting to feature you. This is another great way to grow your audience and expand your platform.

6. Keep the Momentum Going

The work doesn't stop once you've landed on a Spotify playlist. Use that leverage to gain further traction within the industry. Spotify only pays its artists a fraction of a cent per play so you can't rely on that alone. Continue promotion after that playlist to encourage your fans to return and seek out your other songs.

Ultimately, though, it's about the music. Focus on creating something you're proud of and the likes, streams, and clicks will naturally follow. The bonus? Once you get noticed on Spotify, you could even get picked up by iTunes and additional music streaming platforms.

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