One of my favorite of all the new Netflix Original series. It is the story of the beginning of the FBI Behavioral Science Division. Smart and suspenseful series with great acting... Check out superb actor Jack Erdie who plays spree killer Richard SpeckSee Full Cast and Crew

Jack Erdie as Richard Speck

Netflix: Mindhunter is making its return for its second season in August 2019 on Netflix. The long-anticipated return of the Netflix crime series release date got dropped this week in an interview with Charlize Theron who serves as the executive producer for the show.

As you may know, Mindhunter was one of the biggest Netflix Original releases of 2017. The first season dropped on October 13th, 2017 and it’s been an excruciating wait ever since for a new season. Quite often we see Netflix Originals taking much longer than the traditional yearly release schedule most are accustomed to with cable TV.

In case you’re not familiar with the show, it’s an absolute must-watch on Netflix right now. The series is set in the late ’70s and is about the early days of criminal profiling with FBI agents looking into various cases of serial killers.

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