There are few places on earth still dedicated to retro pop culture quite like Michigan, and it has the drive-in cinemas to prove. Currently, there are nine outdoor cinemas dotted throughout the state and for locals, this is an opportunity to catch those waves of nostalgia as they line up for their popcorn and sodas.

For those who wish to recreate this same vibe at home, all it takes is a bit of imagination and a few minor tweaks to the exterior. Before long, you’ll project your favorite cult classic film or even a modern rendition of a retro series, as the best thing about a home cinema is that you get to choose what to watch.

What Is A Movie Without Snacks?

It’s a no-brainer that popcorn and movies go together like peas and carrots if you pardon that pop-culture movie reference. But you don’t have to stop at popcorn. A truly magical outdoor film experience should include delicious treats and beverages too. For those who want to add a theme to their evening, a classical nod to Gone With the Wind or Casablanca can easily be incorporated. Simply swap out the popcorn for a gourmet variety, add some appetizers, a bottle of champagne, and you’re good to go. You may want to glam up your seating arrangement a little too.

Find The Perfect Spot

One of the best parts of planning a retro cinema evening in your garden is that there is usually no shortage of walls to act as a backdrop. Choose one that offers a clean slate, or if that can’t happen, one that will easily accommodate a big white sheet or blanket.

Opting for retractable awnings will be a good idea to allow seamless viewing pleasure. The perfect spot will also allow great acoustics without being too hard on the neighbors. If you’re willing to splash out, then consider investing in wireless headphones to enjoy the film without being the neighborhood nuisance.

Comfort Should Not Be Compromised

While a snowstorm may seem like a good time to sit by the fire and snuggle under a blanket, it won’t mean much when this is done outside even if it is the ideal time to show off your new firepit.

Instead, find an evening that is comfortable enough to keep your guests from shivering. If it’s a balmy summer evening, it might be a good idea to have a fan or two outside.

Create a comfortable area with chairs, loungers, pillows, and blankets to ensure that everyone remains glued to the screen. Soft fairy lights or low watt bulbs add to the ambiance without distracting from the screen. If you’re looking to do this often, you may want to consider some permanent structures to make those retro movie evenings pure bliss.

The ideal outdoor cinema event should be about making memories and this is quite easy thanks to the inherent nostalgic factor that always plays a part in films. The joy of an outdoor cinema is that you get to decide whether you’re going to wing it or make it a more permanent part of

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