If you’re trying to buy an astronomy-related gift for the buff in your life but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

After scouring the internet to find the best items available for all different types of people, we’ve come up with the most comprehensive astronomy gift guide on the internet.

From personalized star gifts to authentic pieces of meteorite, you’re sure to find something the astronomy lover in your life will love, so why not take a look and see what you can find?

Twinkle In Time

What better way to show someone you’ve put thought into your gift than by gifting them a personalized star map? With full creative control, you can personalize your gift to include the exact star alignment at a specific time in a specific location.

Not only will this show you have been listening to their love for astronomy, but it also shows you remember other things, too. Whether you customize this to the date they were born, their graduation date, or another special event in their life, there’s going to be no question about how much you care when you hand it over.

Moon Phase Earrings

Handmade in the USA, these moon phase earrings show the phases of the moon across five small, circles, backed onto silver metal. Extremely understated in design, they are perfect for the astronomy lover who wants to display their interest in a hobby while maintaining an air of professionalism.

With every purchase, the owner of these earrings will also make a small contribution to a charity on your behalf, so it’s a win-win situation!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps have gained popularity for their presumed health and wellbeing benefits in recent years, but they also hold a place in the hearts of those obsessed with astronomy.

This is because there is a belief that Himalayan Salt directly correlates with our primordial oceans, which is similar to the blood in our bodies. Under this belief, you can help reconnect your loved one with the atmosphere around them by gifting them this unique gift.

We aren’t the only ones who think this would make a cool gift, however; a similar lamp was also featured in CoolThingsChicago’s latest gift guide!

Mars Globe

Of all planets to catch the interest of hobby and career astronomers alike, none have captured their hearts quite like mars. If this is true of your loved one, then you’re not going to want to miss the opportunity to gift them a recreation of the red planet.

Created using more than 6000 highly detailed images from the Viking spacecraft, there’s no question that this will be as close as they’ll ever get to see their favorite planet in person.

Authentic 40-60 Gram Meteorite

For astronomy buffs, owning something that once existed outside of Earth is an out of this world desire many will never achieve.

As their loved one, you can help them with their mission, bringing them their very own fragment of a meteorite. This one, in particular, is part of a 50-ton iron-nickel meteorite that fell from space and landed in Argentina over 4000 years ago.

To keep their specimen protected, this item comes in a velvet pouch inside a wooden display case. It also comes with a certificate for proof of authenticity.

“You Are My Rock” Engraved Rock

This rock might not have come directly from space via a meteorite, but many astronomers still consider the rocks produced on Earth to be special. This is because rocks were part of the original formation of Earth, and still play a big part in its internal structure.

Even if your astronomical friend isn’t interested in this much detail, however, this rock will fit right in among other astronomy-based merchandise due to its slick, black design.

Featured in Giftwits’ anniversary guide, this would make a great post-wedding gift, but it’s also suitable for things like birthdays, christenings and other such occasions.

The Weightless Experience

Buying something for an astronomy buff who seems to have everything related to their interest can be difficult, so why not treat them to an experience instead? Currently touring states throughout the US, this zero gravity experience will allow your loved one to experience what it feels like to be an Astronaut.

Depending on the package you purchase, the receiver will be able to perform several stunts within the aircraft and have professional photos and a video to document their experience forever.

Astronaut Ice Cream

While becoming an astronaut isn’t realistic for most of us, it shouldn’t stop the astronomy lover in your life from experiencing as much of that life as possible. By gifting them this astronaut ice cream, you can do just that.

Originally created in for early Apollo Space Missions, the crumbly nature of this ice cream makes it unsuitable for modern missions, but we’re sure the astronomy lover in your life will appreciate it nonetheless.

Planet Plates

For the astronomy lover who likes to veer away from conventional, plain household items, this set of 9 planet-themed plates is sure to go down well.

Originally created to help children learn their planets, this set is extremely durable, meaning your loved one won’t have to worry about breaking them and losing a planet in the process.

In addition to the 8 planets in our solar system, this set also includes the denounced Pluto, giving the receiver enough plates to last her a lifetime!

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

This interesting mug, activated by heat, is sure to capture the heart of any astronomy buff with a particular interest in stars. While at first, it might seem unassuming with basic stars on the front, adding heat to the mug reveals a hidden world. This includes 11 popular constellations for your loved one to discover, including Saggitarius, Big and Little Dipper, and Orion.

It’s important to notify your friend not to wash this mug in the dishwasher, however, as the hidden heat layer will be scratched off should you do so.


So there we have it, a completed guide of all the best astronomy gifts you can buy for the astronomy gift in your life.

Whether they are a sophisticated businesswoman, a curious teenager, or a newly-made homeowner, our list provides you with presents for all occasions.

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