When you think of retro fashion, you may picture brightly colored prints and pretty dresses. This means you might only dress in your chosen style during the summer, heading back to modern styles once the temperature drops. However, there’s no reason not to embrace retro-chic when it’s cold, and below are a few ways to add vintage style to your closet in winter.

Layer it up

When your favorite vintage dress or shirt becomes unsuitable for the weather, you can use it as a layer to create a quirky retro look. For example, pinafore and shift dresses can be worn over a long-sleeved black t-shirt and paired with black pantyhose for a wintery look. Vintage men’s shirts can be worn under a classic sport coat and paired with jeans for an easy-going look that is somewhere between retro and modern.

Get some great outerwear

Your outerwear is something that’s going to be seen a lot over the winter months, so why not invest in something that makes you feel amazing? It can be difficult to find vintage coats and jackets that are still in good condition, but if you shop at trenchlondon.com, you’ll discover retro-inspired styles such as trench coats and Harrington jackets that add a vintage vibe to any outfit.

Add some vintage-style footwear

Like outerwear, it can be challenging to find genuine vintage footwear, as most people discard their old shoes. However, you’ll find lots of vintage styles in stores that have never gone out of fashion. For example, knee-high boots have always had retro appeal, yet most women wear them every winter. If you want to add a real vintage vibe, go for white mid-calf or knee-high boots, also known as go-go boots, which were huge in the mid-60s.

These look great with a short skirt and a vintage fur coat. Men’s shoes haven’t changed a lot over the decades, avoid sneakers and go for some classic brogues or Oxford shoes to turn back the clock.

Get some retro accessories

Vintage outfits are all about the little details, such as:

  • Hats: Berets, fedoras, or a smart little fascinator all look retro.
  • Jewelry: A strand of pearls or a cocktail ring instantly adds a classy vintage touch. 
  • Gloves: In decades past, nobody would leave the house without gloves. Leather gloves are particularly cool when paired with a trench coat. 
  • Sunglasses: It can be bright on frosty winter days, so add some giant Jackie O sunglasses to your look.

Choose retro hairstyles

You don’t have to spend a fortune at the hair salon to get a retro style. It’s easy to backcomb your hair to get a beehive style, and if you add a colorful scarf, then your entire outfit will have a vintage feel.

Men can go for a retro style such as a quiff or a slicked side parting to instantly give them a matinee idol style, which looks great when you’re wearing a suit or need to make a big impression.

The cold weather doesn’t have to stop you from embracing vintage trends. Look for style inspiration from icons of the 50s and 60s to see how they dressed in cold climates and focus on the small details for a stylish look.

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