When you think of moms in kitchens, images of moms in frilly aprons slaving over the stove making casseroles or with potholders taking out baked goods from the oven. Meanwhile, images of dads cooking have them manning a grill and smoker while holding a cold beer and talking about sports. Tear down gender stereotypes and get your mom the best offset smoker for Mother’s Day.

Grilling and smoking are typically seen as a ‘man’s job’ and has been reinforced by the way smokers on the market are advertised, and how they are used in media. But making tasty smoked treats is not tied to strict gender roles. We’re sure your mom would be thrilled to be able to try this out. It’s the perfect time to give your mom the gift of grilling and smoking and get her the smoker of her dreams.

Sure, a smokebox is useful, but a smoker really shows that you care. Looking for a smoker for your mom doesn’t have to be that difficult. You can get here the standard grill and smoker and we’re sure she’ll appreciate that.

The thing about getting a smoker is figuring out how it will be used so you can get the appropriate model. You can go from this budget propane smoker to higher-quality alternatives and check out reviews to get a sense of how the smoker will perform. Also, check out how much it needs to be maintained compared to other smokers. You wouldn’t want to give your mom more work to do.

The type of smoker you get also depends on how confident your mom would be using it. A digital electric smoker with a window might be best if your mom isn’t the outdoorsy, grilling type since it’s easier to use and clean. A charcoal grill with offset smoker could be great for a mom that likes to prepare a variety of dishes so she can really get into experimenting.

Another thing to consider is space and storage. If you’ll need to move the smoker from one place to another when it’s not in use, best to get one that is easy to move and store. If they have a lot of space and will be using the offset smoker, also known as barrel smokers, frequently, then get her the biggest, badass smoker you can find. There are smokers on the market today that let you adjust your smoker's temperature for better control and those are the best smokers for beginners.

So get your mom the best offset smoker in the market for Mother’s Day. She’ll definitely love it. Oh. And bring her a beer while you’re at it. She’ll love that too.

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