In April of 2019, Allison Mack a 37-year-old actress famous for the tv series Smallville submitted a guilty plea to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy and faces up to 20 years in prison.

However, after posting a 5 million dollar bond she has been under house arrest in the custody of her parents!! What?? She was instrumental in recruiting young women as sex slaves for her sex cult NXIVM (nexium). 

The head of the cult, Keith Raniere is serving a long sentence for his crimes but cute little Allison is not. Mack is no less guilty than Ghislaine Maxwell and just look at the big deal the media is heaping on her. Mack is little and cute and I guess that's why she is ignored by the press.

Ms. Mack is accused of branding these women with tattoos and demanding “collateral” of explicit photos and videos to keep the slaves in line. Read More

“I joined Nxivm first to find purpose,” she said between sobs during last month’s plea hearing in Brooklyn federal court. “I was lost and I wanted to find a place, a community in which I would feel comfortable.”  She said she was “truly very sorry,” and took responsibility for her actions.

Founded in the 1990s, NXIVM was in the national news in 2017 when the New York Times exposed it as a pyramid scheme and cult that forced its female recruits into sexual slavery. In the years since Raniere was arrested and later indicted on federal charges. In July 2019, the founder was convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking. Read More

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