Deal or No Deal has been an increasingly popular game show since its launch in the 2000s, having been televised in 84 countries, with some of these versions still being broadcast today. As well as being an undeniably entertaining television show, with shocks and excitement to boot, Deal or No Deal also plays a hand in changing people’s lives with vast sums of money! The Deal or No Deal casino game has also granted a lot of wins and bonuses over the years, much to the delight of its players.

With this in mind, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest Deal or No Deal wins from around the world.


The UK series of the show ran for 11 years, with only nine people winning the top £250,000 prize over 3,003 episodes!

In January 2007, Laura Pearce became the first-ever winner of the grand prize. At that crucial moment she was left with two boxes, with one holding £3000 and the other boasting £250,000 – the banker then offers Pearce a £45,000 deal to end the game and go home with a bit of extra money in her pocket. However, she doesn’t take it, much to her own luck, and opens up her box to reveal that big sum that we all crave!

A few years later, in September 2011, Tegan Roberts followed suit and walked away with the top prize. Roberts had the strongest culmination of box values ever seen after three rounds, with a whopping total of £560,250.60 still floating around in the game. And then, that inevitable call finally comes, and the banker offer Roberts a juicy £77,000. But, of course, she rejects it and proudly receives the top prize when her chosen box is opened.


The Australian version of the much-loved classic game show first appeared back in July 2003, running over 11 seasons and just over 10 years. In all this time, believe it or not, we only saw four winners of the dazzling $200,000 jackpot, one of which came from a celebrity version of the show, giving their winnings over to one lucky viewer at home!

The first ever winner was a man named Dean Cartechini during the early stages of the game in 2004, who rejected the banker’s very generous offer of $102,500, in favour of carrying on with his boxes. Eventually he unveiled that tasty grand prize, and got the news that if he’d ended up choosing the other remaining box then he would have been walking away with a measly $5 instead! Talk about lucky!


America presented their own version of the show, debuting in December 2005, with comedian Howie Mandel guiding competitors through their luck-of-the-draw journey. Over 13 years of airing, the game only saw two big winners in 2008, mere months apart!

First came Jessica Robinson, who took home a staggering million-dollar cheque, after turning down the banker’s $561,000 offer. That’s right, in the American Deal or No Deal there is a mind-blowing $1,000,000 up for grabs! Next came a man called Tomorrow Rodriguez, who had his moment just nine episodes after Robinson. He went on to reject the banker’s offer of $677,000, whilst unknowingly running the risk of being given the $300 that sat in his other box. But, of course, it all worked out in Rodriguez’s favour, and he soon became a millionaire!

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