If you have a chance to speak with true audiophiles don’t forget to mention electrostatic headphones or speakers. You will be amazed with their excitement when this topic is being mentioned.

For a very long time, electrostatic headphones or speakers have been into the high-end technology category. The main reasons for this are minimal distortion, extraordinary clarity of sound and remarkable detail. The good this about this technology is that it has become easily available thanks to the Shure KSE1500 - Electrostatic Earphone System. It was a real challenge to pack the technology and components into these compact earphones.

Many online magazines have described them as extraordinary. And they really are, mainly because Shure succeeded to replace the standard in-ear drivers with the high-tech electrostatic transduction system.

Is there a difference between the electrostatic and standard headphones or speakers?

The main difference between electrostatic headphones and standard ones is in the way they generate sound. Electrostatic drivers for example, have two electrified plates with a thin membrane in between. The membrane is extremely lightweight and it is ceased inside an electrostatic field which allows it to move easily and produce the sound waves.

The principle of electrostatic technology requests a very amplified signal, but this technology has its advantages.

Minimal distortion

The standard membrane for example is a bit heavier than the one found in electrostatic drivers, plus there are several other mechanical mechanisms, while in the electrostatic driver the only thing that moves is the membrane itself. Its surface is supplied with a continual 200V DC bias charge and this is one of the reasons why electrostatic headphones have much less distortion than standard ones.

Transient response

The membrane in the electrostatic driver is extremely lightweight. We can say that it almost has no mass at all. This allows it to move much faster than the standard membrane. As a result, the response is unbelievable and thanks to this, the reproduction of music is crystal clear and precise.

Frequency range

Thanks to the membrane the electrostatic driver is able to provide an awesome frequency range. For example, standard headphones or speakers will need more than one driver to reproduce the same frequency range as electrostatic ones. Unfortunately, this results in problems with the frequency response and this is another reason why the electrostatic headphones or speakers are better.

Detail and Accuracy

One of the most precise ways to reproduce music is with the help of electrostatic technology. The Shure earphones we have mentioned earlier, the KSE1500, don’t accentuate a specific frequency band. This has its good and bad sides. If the recording is excellent you will actually hear the music just like it was intended to be heard. However, this level of detail and clarity will easily reveal the mediocre recordings and audio sources. Of course, there are situations where this is more than welcome, but there are also cases where we really don’t want to listen to not so quality recordings, especially after we have invested our money for our electrostatic headphones or speakers.

Are they worth the money?

When it comes to electrostatic earphones, it took several years for Shure to finish the KSE150. And they did their job perfectly well because many audiophiles will always pick these earphones over other mainly because the sound quality and overall listening experience. No other product can match them in terms of detail, accuracy and clarity. So, if you are ready to bring your listening experience to a completely new level then the Shure KSE150 is the best option for you. Just try them, we guarantee you won’t regret it.

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