Screen Time Control App That You Will Love to Use: FamiSafe.

Sometimes parents will leave him to live in other states or countries for a job or business. One may get too nervous about their kids' lives, which is common, especially with moms. But do you know you can access their activities while you are away? This shouldn't cause you confusion. Relax; you will find out more here.

If you live away from home, probably your children use a mobile phone to communicate with you. Of course, they can't live without talking to you as their parent. Sorry to say, calling you could be of less priority than you think. Children can spend a lot of time on phone screens and not doing anything constructive. Your kids may forego meals or sleep to chat with classmates and their new online friends.

In the process of interacting, they may link to malicious accounts and get trapped. They could be sent messages containing illegal content that might see the police at your doorstep. I pray it won't happen like that.

The fact is that employing a security man at your gate is not enough security for your children. Phones have become dangerous to youngsters, and if not well manned, children will slowly destroy their future.

Instead of using the internet to search for educative content, most use it to access inappropriate content such as pornography.

A lot of guidance and counseling is required for children to be safe. Moreover, you can download and install Wondershare's FamiSafe parental control app to monitor your children closely.

Why FamiSafe?

If you search for parental control apps on any app store, you will get hundreds of apps in the results. Shockingly, most of them are expensive, inaccurate, and ineffective. Though it could be your first time to hear of parental control, it's good to know the features of an excellent parental control app. it should be easy to use, affordable, and should have useful in-built features. FamiSafe parental control app is the only app that satisfies this criterion. Find its main features below and ensure to download it on your Android device and iPhones:

Family Locator.

This app accepts up to 30 devices connected to the "parent's" phone. With this, you may opt to add the seniors as your children on this app. This can be a good idea, especially if you are your old dad's caretaker. Even if you don't live in the same home, you can quickly locate them using the app.

Also, a family with several kids can use the same subscription as long you have access to their phones to set up the app. you can real-time location for every family member with minimal hassle and no cost.

App Blocking.

At times you need to control the apps that are used by your children. With FamiSafe, you can view their app use. If you find that the app is unnecessarily used, you can permanently block it for a while. For example, if your children watch YouTube videos during sleep time, you should block the YouTube app whenever that comes. You can unblock it later or leave it blocked.

Not only apps but also the entire device; the parent can choose to block the device completely, especially during sleep time or when the kid is driving.

Browsing history feature.

FamiSafe parental control app helps you to peep into your kid's internet activities. You can see a list of the accessed sites and block the ones you are suspicious about. If you realize that a site has been visited severally, it's good to open it and authenticate the value of its content. If it contains harmful content, notify the authorities of such a site, and block it.

Screen Time Control Feature.

This feature is available on both versions of the application. You can see your kids' live screen activities. If you realize they are not doing the right thing at any given time, you can block the specific apps they are using and unblock them later. You can schedule when the children can use the phone so that they attend to their daily duties.

How much does the FamiSafe Parental Control App Cost?

Most of the apps are extra expensive despite being ineffective. Fortunately, Wondershare considered this before bringing the FamiSafe parental control app to us. Low budget or short period users can make a monthly subscription at $9.99. They also offer a quarterly subscription that costs $19.99, while the annual subscription is only $5/month.

Final Thoughts.

For those looking to walk with their kids into the digital world, the FamiSafe parental control app is the way to go. This app will eliminate any worries in you about your children's whereabouts and safety. If you create a Geofence on the app, you will always get notified when the kid walks away. Don't continue stressing yourself or keeping your kid's phones to control them. Allow children to go digital and find you're set with this screen time control application.

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