Here is an elegant evening look for long hair from the BONCIDELLO SALON! We know all of you ladies would love a look that leaves your date in awe! For those looking for a simple, sexy look (almost any hair type), search no more! Here we bring you a 4-step romantic hair style that will keep them coming back for more.

You’ll know the truth about how much effort it took while others are left envying your effortless look!

1. Start by creating a loose side braid. (simple 3-strand or for those who are braid-challenged, just twist two strands together!) Secure the braid with a small rubber band or hair tie matching your hair color.

2. Roll from the end of your braid to your head, creating a braided bun.

3. Grab a few bobby pins and sneak them in, securing the braid to your head.

4. Finish with a flower or a headband for a sexy romantic look!

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