Pop, hip-hop and country music catered to young kids: that’s the idea behind Preschool Popstars. I thought you might be interested in the “Daycare Dance Party” CD, a fun, groove-worthy option for children’s music. This album showcases a fabulous animated preschool trio singing about everyday “kid stuff” like washing hands and drinking juice.

The A-list team behind the CD includes Charles Fulp (with hits on Billboard charts) and Grammy Award-winning engineer Gene Grimaldi. In addition, Preschool Popstars’ music videos have been viewed millions of times, courtesy of the fabulous animation by director Rinat Gazizov (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2”). The CD is also newly available on iTunes! youtube.com/preschoolpopstars

PRESCHOOL POPSTARS is an adorable trio of little cartoon girls who sing, rap, and dance, and their album "Daycare Dance Party" features an exciting mix of pop and hip-hop music. And though these sassy little divas are still in preschool, their music appeals to children of all ages and even parents!

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