Although many cities have similarities, each one of them is unique in its own way. For example, most of the European towns are situated near the river and they spread their streets in equal length from the city center. If there is a dominant architectural trend present in one of them, it usually spreads like a wildfire and sooner than later, most of the neighboring cities adopt that style.

Of course this is normal because people and institutions tend to follow the practice that brings positive results. Then, how do we differentiate one city from another? There can be numerous factors such as the demography, history of the area, primary industry etc. Even with all these global elements, there are smaller things which make a city unique. Small monuments or establishments that don’t exist elsewhere. Small places such as D.W. Alexander.

Like many other places in the world, there was a commercial reason for establishing Toronto in this area. In 18th century, there was a first fort created by French. Later on, English made a trading settlement on the very spot where Toronto today lies. Similarly, D.W. Alexander started as leather and hides shop.

With passing of time, it became a very modern bar and lounge. Its interior ranks among the best in Toronto. The dim lights and the dark tones makes you feel like you are in a 19th century London as the main protagonist of Bram Stoker’s novel.

Although very small by size, it is very spacious and well designed. The management didn’t want to sacrifice coziness for additional tables. This is very important because many clubs today suffer from being too crowded. The notion of having fun is eliminated if you have a person breathing down your neck.

However, people are those that make the atmosphere, not the interior itself. In that regard, you are in the right spot. The staff is transferring their positive energy to you, so most of the people are relaxed and comfortable in this place. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the space is small and a bit darker making it intimate. Slow and relaxed pace of the bar will make you feel like you are surrounded by friends, not strangers. This is a perfect spot in Toronto to meet new people. Perhaps even for a romance.

The main reason why this bar and lounge in Toronto is so famous are its cocktails. Although the selection of liquor is excellent, the cocktails are a fresh of breath air. For those that don’t want to try new things, there is a list of Classic Cocktails which are standard in this part of the world. The D.W. Originals represent homemade mixtures based on innovative recipes.

Each one of them has numerous diverse ingredients, some of which are specific to this lounge. Don’t be surprised when you see things like D.W. Black Pepper and Coriander Tincture or D.W. Saffron Infused London Dry Gin on the list.

Each city has something that defines them. Perhaps a museum or a structure that makes it unique. In Toronto, that is the CN Tower. When we talk about the entertainment, there are only a few places worth mentioning. One of them is D.W. Alexander.

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