Sadly we lost one of the most unique voices of our time. Levi Stubbs lead singer of the fabulous Motown Group THE FOUR TOPS The one group at Motown that never played musical chairs with it's members. They were consistant hit makers and Levi's voice led them with his rough and yet soulful vocals.

The Tops are among my top 5 favorite music groups of all time and I was sad to hear a few years ago that Levi had a stroke that disabled him from performing. He was living in the Detroit area and still vivacious although wheelchair bound.

We will miss him dearly, he was a really nice man and a fabulous singer. Motown Legends Gather To Mourn Stubbs The Tops were inducted by Stevie Wonder in the Rock Hall of Fame in 1990

Most Popular Songs:
I Can’t Help Myself
Ask the Lonely (MY FAVORITE)
Reach Out I’ll Be There
It’s the Same Old Song
Baby I Need You’re Loving
Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I Got)
Standing in the Shadows of Love

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Retro Kimmer said...

Another goodie from Billy Warhol!

yer Blog is Quality stuff Kim! love the Black bg - it sets off the Art + yer pix perfectly* Love dat MC5 Kick out the Jams!! I got some Killer Shots of Niagara's Pop Art up on Flickr - U are more than Welcome to Post them on yer Blog + she deserves to be Discovered Big Time!! Louder Lichtenstein

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