How much did you love "Ferry Cross the Mersey"? It still is the most haunting and beautiful song ever sung by anyone. "Don't Let the Sun" was really good too but the gorgeous vocals on "Ferry" give me chills to this day. Gerry was my first crush when I was very young. I did meet him in the 80's and he kissed me! Sigh...happily married with children he remains...

Gerry said to me "Do people really still listen to this old stuff"? YES I told him they have never stopped playing your songs in the US. His voice was still beautiful and he autographed my program along with Freddy from Freddy and the Dreamers, and Wayne Fontana! What a fun night that was in Sterling Heights, Michigan's now closed Premiere Center. 

My pal Rhonda and I sat ringside and they had no choice but to talk to us during their whole show, we were inches from the footlights. It was sweet! I'll always love Gerry Marsden's voice.

Gerry's website More photos HERE

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