Alice the Goon! How I loved her! Poor thing I always felt so sad for her. She longed for Popeye and of course she was not the Paris Hilton of her time. Alice was the first assertive woman on screen long before Scarlett O'Hara or Judy Garland we had Alice the Goon!

She originated as a non gendered slave for the Sea Hag Popeye rescued her and her goon baby and she fell for him since that rescue. Popeye even hit her before realizing that Poor Alice was a woman and a single mom! The original goon look was radical for a kiddie cartoon see below:

The irate mommies wrote in and complained that Aliceand the goons were frightening the children! Hey that was the whole point!

Poor Alice with hairy legs..

Ever watch that show? Heck that Sea Hag was pretty scary but my second grade teacher beat her by a mile. So the advertisers buckled under and made Alice more feminine, gave her a dippy hat and goofy skirt. Lame

We rarely saw Alice make an appearance but were thrilled when she came on. Alice moved slowly and we were also afraid of what she might do if she caught Popeye! Luckily we do have a some old videos of Alice in Action as there are very few images left.


Me-Me King said...

Oh my gosh! Talk about a blast from the past. I loved Alice, she was a great character. Poor thing; how she pined for Popeye. Thanks Kim!!!

BobbnKarin said...

Alice was scary back in the day but strangley we could not get enough of her. Maybe because she was silent and so large.

South East Media said...

I loved her hat and her polka dot skirt!

Retro Kimmer said...

I thought she was sas and misunderstood. But such a unique cahracter. I never forgot alice all these years.

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