The Detroit Riot of 1967 began when police vice squad officers executed a raid on an after hours drinking club or “blind pig” in a predominantly black neighborhoods located at Twelfth Street and Clairmount Avenue.

They were expecting to round up a few patrons, but instead found 82 people inside holding a party for two returning Vietnam veterans. Yet, the officers attempted to arrest everyone who was on the scene. While the police awaited a “clean-up crew” to transport the arrestees, a crowd gathered around the establishment in protest. After the last police car left, a small group of men who were “confused and upset because they were kicked out of the only place they had to go” lifted up the bars of an adjacent clothing store and broke the windows.

From this point of origin, further reports of vandalism diffused. Looting and fires spread through the Northwest side of Detroit, then crossed over to the

East Side. Within 48 hours, the National Guard was mobilized, to be followed by the 82nd airborne on the riot’s fourth day. As police and military troops sought to regain control of the city, violence escalated. At the conclusion of 5 days of rioting, 43 people lay dead, 1189 injured and over 7000 people had been arrested. Read Full Article HERE
As a 11 year old kid growing up only 35 miles away from the riot scenes we watched it on the news. With disbelief we thought it would end quickly. It went on and on. Detroit has really never fully recovered from this time. They have rebuilt the down areas that tourists and trade show attendees see but there are still many parts of Detroit that are still burned out. Particularly near the long demolished (1987) Olympia Stadium.

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Dennis Machine Gun Thompson said...

Fire, smoke, gunshots, shouting, screaming, looting, rocks, bottles, Molotov cocktails, blood spilling and some people dying, and hundreds of injured. Citizens mostly. Spiraling confrontations all over the city proper.

Detroit’s finest, and the Michigan National Guard had a hell of a job that week. Was this the beginning of the second American Revolution? It sure seemed like it. This indeed is what a modern day mini Armageddon looks like people.

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