LOVE'S LEMON COLOGNE! My personal favorite and I wish I could buy it now!


Here's one for the girls... I have written about music for awhile now and need to get back to my hot 60's makeup and mod fashion stuff! One of the most fabulous things about the late sixties was Love Cosmetics! Remember that cool Donovan "Wear Your Love Like Heaven"

We all rushed to the drug store to scoop up the really uniquely named cool products designed for the mod generation and not our mothers.
There is surprisingly little on Love Cosmetics online so if any of you retro peeps have Love images to share let me know!

Love Cosmetics' first line of items included Love's Fresh Lemon (loved that) Cleanser, Lovelids eyeshadow, and Eau De Love. The latter came in a 6 oz. bottle. In all there were eleven products, and with the inclusion of shades, they numbered forty-three. Loveshines was the fun stick to contour and color your eyes, (like Twiggy) face, all your other kissable little curves and hollows.

Lipsticks were called Lovesticks. The remainder of the line was Love's Basic Moisture, Love's A Little Color, Love's Transparent Powder, Love's A Little Cover, Love's Liner, Love's Mascara, and Lovelids. Yardley Slickers Were the BEST

Most of us drew these dark contrast lines in the curve of the eyelid with heavy white highlights at the browline. (Still do but lighter) We did wear the really pale if not white lipstick. Love and Yardley Slickers made a lot of pale varieties. RED was DEAD. Your grandmothers wore the dragon lady reds back then. Not quite as dark as this but similar. Liquid liner pencilas weren't invented yet but we all took black eyebrow pencils and drew in "Twiggy's" bottoms lashes.

Everything in the 1960's was for high drama and effect. Natural? Well that was just a bad phase in the 70's which is why I have a 60's blog!

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Me-Me King said...

Yes, even us girls in Arkansas wanted to look groovy. Twiggy's lashes were all the rage. I took it one step further by lining the black eye-liner with white eye-liner. Yeow! And, no groovy gal was without her Slicker - right on!

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