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We met the fantastic rock photographer Heather Harris and are in the process of making a blog suitable for framing her fabulous images. Heather rides horses with the fantastic psychedelic innovator Marijke Koger Dunham. Heather graciously introduced RK to MKD to do a bit of a post on her marvelous life and work.

Marijke Koger-Dunham is one of the founding members of THE FOOL the retro fantastic group of musicians and art designers of the 1960's London Rock scene. The Fool designed clothing, recorded music, painted murals and custom painted instruments for the most famous of rock icons of all time. Their works helped tp create the Psychedelic Modern Art Movement.

RK asked Magical Marijke about how she came to be a artist/muralist and she replied:

Marijke and Simon of The Fool

To answer your questions, I got interested in murals when the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam had an exhibition of huge Aztec mosaic murals installed on the museum's exterior. I could see them on my way to school on my bicycle.

All artists of all times have had an influence on my work but my favorites are the bronze age Minoans, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Rembrandt , Rubens, Picasso, Dali and Magritte.


George Harrison and Pattie Boyd's Fireplace

Marijke Koger and the artist group The Fool came to London in the early ’60s from Amsterdam as clothing designers, and were asked by NEMS’(North End Music Stores) Brian Epstein to style his clients in the new Psychedelic fashions, everything from the painted guitars and flamboyant clothes sported by Cream on their first US tour to psychedelic cars for the stars and the mural on The Apple Boutique - which also showcased their fashions. \

Many of Marijke's original paintings and posters are for sale: HERE

Their album sleeves for Jimi Hendrix, The Move and The Incredible String Band among others, remain classics. Also features a lavishly illustrated booklet alongside in-depth notes by the author of ‘Those Were The Days’, the definitive book on Apple Records.


Remember the spectacular mural whose colorful panoramas adorned the walls of the Aquarius Theatre during the Los Angeles run of "HAIR", or the walls of The Beatles' "APPLE" Cultural Center in London? These remarkable examples of art history were created by Marijke Koger-Dunham, the multi-talented artist from Amsterdam, Holland.

Marijke's unique talents find expression in a diverse use of media, including oil paintings, watercolors and gouaches. Her distinctive work has had an easily discernable influence on other contemporary artists and designers, and has attracted the patronage of many international celebrities including Prince Alphonso of Hohenloe, The Beatles, Graham Nash, The Cream, Michael Butler, Billie D. Williams, the Hon. Mrs. Thomas Bradley, and others.



Marijke's husband Don Dunham has a great band called "Black Cat" (hard rock)
check out his music HERE



There is a fantastic blogger CHILD OF THE MOON who has the most brilliant post on THE FOOL and basically all her posts have the most hard to find images. Where does she get those pics? We want you to go see her work it is to die for.... she is on my RK links list too.

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Heather Harris said...

Not only are Don and Marijke fabulously talented, they are generous human beings. For the second time in a year, they rescued and evacuated my horse from a hillside fire at his boarding stable today.

Fast Film said...

And for the record for posterity: a third time within that same year. This fire was the awful Station Fire in Southern Calif. which burned most of the huge Angeles Forest. One would think there is nothing left to burn from which horses have to be evacuated at this point.

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