Kimmer summer reading.. Grit Noise and Revolution by David A. Carson

Part one of Kimmer on vacation took us to Silver Lake with three girls and one Machinegun! Someone had to point the camera right? It was a gorgeous day that started out crappy and gray but miraculously turned sunny when we arrived at the beach. Had a wonderful time on the grass beach and had a blast playing with my brand new Fuji digital camera.

Lucky for the that really nasty guy running the snack bar that we were all in a chilly mood. He was such a jerk just like the soup guy on Seinfeld. HE needs to get a job serving the chow at a local prison. Hope they revoke his green card soon.

Maggie, Kimmer and Patrice

Joyfilled Machinegun

North Shore of Silver Lake


Beth said...

Looks like a great time. Don't you just love summer?

Fast Film said...

Thanks for sharing the fun. I like the MGT bliss one.

Retro Kimmer said...

Machinegun took three girls to the lake why wouldn't he be joyfilled? HAHAHAH
He hates LOL

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