Though Kimmer tends to generally hang around the retro eras of music she definitely has a thing for the Blues. Especially on Saturdays.... No work and relaxing with Albert King..YES

Just met the owner of the very cool MOTORCITY MUSIC FACTORY the charming Tom Lubinski. The Motor City Music Factory is a members only (you can join) music venue housed within the industrial expanses of TWH metals complex in Detroit, Michigan. Machinegun and I had big fun hanging out with the friends at there two weeks ago. This factory is a huge venue for music and video production.

I went there to scope out the facility for future Machinegun Thompson Projects and to see how cool this place might be. I had heard the week before that it was fantastic out there and it really is a terrific place to film, rehearse, and throw a giant 100,000 square foot party! The kind of events Kimmer likes to throw for sure!

The Dead City Prophets are featured in this fantastic promo video at Tom's Music Factory. Watch this video... This weekend I am working with legendary Detroit bass player Ron Cooke, incredible Lead vocalist Mark Childress on the new blog for their band Dead City Prophets. Not quite ready for launch yet but should be up and flying by Sunday night. See my new DCP blog HERE

We ran into our friend Richard Peardon the fantastic graphic artist that does all those cool Circus Boy posters and much more. Here is a poster Richard did that I love.

Just love the Retro feel of Richard's fantastic graphics. His work made me go track down this artist and meet him at the Scott Morgan and the Rationals Cd Release concert a few weeks ago.

Machinegun and I ran into Mike the lead singer of Circus boy at Christopher Coppola's PAH Nation Motown festival last month at Madonna University. Machinegun was a featured panelist on the Creativity Panel.

Circus Boy is playing during the People's Art Festival as well as 79 other bands.

Richard is very busy working with Detroit Wheels Drummer/Artist Johnny Bee Badanjek in the area summer Art Festivals. Bee will be displaying his work at the People's Art Festival happening next weekend.

For INFO on the People's Art Festival next weekend click HERE

Visit Johnny Bee's Website and Online Art Gallery HERE

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