photo: 2009 retrokimmer Jim Randolph and Dennis Thompson

Yesterday I finally filmed Legendary drummer Dennis "Machinegun" Thompson live at his friend Jim Randolph's (One Kiss One Bite) studio. It was very tough going for me as I am really new to digital photography and filming digital video. I had 2 cameras set up on tripods. I have a very cool RCA Traveler and a Fujifilm 10mgp camera that does video too. Not to mention that I have been trying to get a good MGT action video since February...... it was worth the wait.

The RCA Traveler did the best job but professional filming is always better. However, using a professional is expensive and you are at their mercy as to when they get the finished product back to you.

Jimmy's great friend Ron Taylor of Ramtrak Guitars is a big techno geek like the Kimmer. Ron came over and gave me some quick instruction on using my new toys. Jimmy and Ron set up the tripods and helped me catch up with them. Thanks so much Jimmy and Ron!!

photo: 2009 retrokimmer Dennis Thompson

MGT did a drum tutorial and then jammed a bit with Jimmy. As we were getting ready to start filming MGT had his shades on so we couldn't see his eyes. Jimmy strapped on his guitar and was standing there waiting for MGT to let him know when to begin.

MGT launches a slow jazzy kinda thing and Jim looks at me like a DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS LOL like what am I supposed to do? (As if I WOULD KNOW???) Too funny, so finally Jimmy jumps in with 1 2 3 and joins in and I loved watching and hearing them together.


Beth said...

Very cool! You did a great job!

Retro Kimmer said...

Thank you Beth I just saw this! It was a tough day filming those and working in the heat. But each time I do something like that my skills grow and that's what iit's all about no?

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